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Common Uses for Wheel Weigher Scales

Posted by Steve Mizerak on

Welcome to the First Edition of Scales 101 by Joe Geisser!
Scales 101 by Joe Geisser Wheel Weighing for Law Enforcement
Today's post we will discuss makes a wheel weigher scale so special? Wheel weighers are used in many different ways....
Law enforcement use this type of scale for checking weight on highway vehicles in rest stops and they are able to fine according to the weight even though the scale is not legal for trade but good enough for law enforcement.  Because they say so!
The axle weight is important to avoid overweight axles. So these are not legal for trade but they are portable and if you are concerned that your axles are overloaded this can do it cheap. The trucker can move the trailer axles to change the amount of weight on the axles.  
Race car drivers use this type scale to trim the load distribution on the car. Helps with control of the car so higher speeds are able to be attained.  
Airplane technicians use them to check the center of gravity of a plane. They have to be certified periodically.  
These scales work best when they are on level ground and the whole truck is on the same level plain. You can drive the truck over a pair of them, getting the weight of each axle or have a pair for each axle and add up all the axle weights to get the total weight of the truck.  
Stay tuned for more Scales 101 by Joe Geisser

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