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ScaleTrader.Net, originally known as the Truck & Rail Scale Company, was founded in 2008 by Steve Mizerak. After a successful career in industrial weighing equipment working for major scale truck scale manufacturer's and distributors, Steve decided the time was right to branch out on his own. Seeing no single avenue in the truck scale market for used equipment, Steve forged onward to establish a business brokering used truck scales. Steve's further appetite for equipment led expansion of the Truck & Rail Scale Company from just another local scale company onward into material handling equipment used by many of the same companies who had or needed a truck scale outside. Over time spent in the scale industry the relationships Steve developed with his customers always let to the question, "what else does your company offer" and the idea for the Truck & Rail Scale Company was born.
In 2011, the Truck & Rail Scale Company was rebranded as ScaleTrader.Net, to accurately reflect it's business mission.
ScaleTrader.Net is developing a growing base of satisfied customers who can appreciate the benefits of working with a "can-do" company!

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