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Automated Ticketing Kiosks

Automated Truck Scale Kiosks

Remote truck scale kiosks are an ideal option to increase safety and efficiency at a variety of applications. Fully automatic and semi-unattended ticketing kiosks allow your customers to better optimize the flow of traffic in and out of their facilities

Improve Business

  • 24-hour automation expands service hours
  • Fewer transactions errors help build stronger customer relationships
  • Faster transactions also create higher throughput


Driver Safety

Through contactless interactions, drivers remain in their truck for many operations, including:

  • Check-in
  • Weigh-in
  • Weigh-out
  • Print Tickets


Where to Use Kiosks

  • Transfer Stations
  • Grain Terminals
  • Chemical Plants
  • Construction Sites
  • Load-out Facilities
  • And Many More!


To learn more about Rice Lake’s automated kiosks, download this literature. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about these systems.

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