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SCALE TRADER CHOOSES LEASESOURCE! is partnered with LeaseSource! LeaseSource works with a network of over 70 banks and funding sources to provide a TURN–KEY solution for your Scale Trader scale or truck scale project—simple financing. No matter what the size of the scale deal, their leasing program is SIMPLE, and covers all costs including concrete, crane, installation, and service contracts. You provide the basic information (see the page app) and they handle all the financing details, from the application to funding. Best of all, you only have one payment out of pocket. 

SCALE TRADER HELPS YOUR CASH FLOW. Your new scale pays for itself while it works with low monthly payments.

Low payment financing frees up the customer's cash for new or used equipment purchases. Successful businesses know that spreading out the cost of your scale project over five years frees up your cash which means better cash flow. LeaseSource and Scale Trader offers SCALE PROJECT equipment financing and leasing solutions for your business. You know how important the right financing solution is—You know the scale is necessary, but shelling out 50 or 100k can be daunting, that’s why LeaseSource offers construction equipment financing and leasing solutions to companies across the nation. We can help you — and your customers — afford the needed equipment.

Scale Trader Turnkey Scale Project Equipment Financing

Solutions for your scrap metal, recycling, construction, mining, or municipality is essential for your business to grow. You need the equipment to complete the jobs you take on. Financing your scale project increases your profit and reduces your costs. Why wait? 

LeaseSource has been working with scale companies and scale buyers for more than a quarter of a century. Their scale equipment leasing and financing solutions will get you in business in a matter of weeks with a monthly rate that you can afford. The approval, documentation, and funding process are so simple that they can have it all done in a few days. Because they partner with seventy banks and other funding sources nationwide, they can work with you to find the best financing solutions for your specific situation. 

Scale Traders LeaseSource program provides financing for new or used equipment. 

  • Great rates for top credit.
  • Programs for less than top credit.
  • Solutions for new business.

If there is a way, LeaseSource will FIND A WAY.

In addition, they will work one-on-one with you so we can be sure that they are fully aware of your needs and that you are fully satisfied with the financing solution they find for you. "Even with tremendous growth since our inception in 1993, we are still one-on-one to get the financing done." 

You can trust us to provide you with a scale equipment leasing and financing program that will help your company thrive.

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