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Financing Your Truck Scale Project

Posted by Steve Mizerak on


At we get this question quite often: 

“I want to buy a new truck scale, but it’s a lot of money, and I’m not sure we can afford it right now”.

When buying a new or used truck scale, aside from the cost of the actual scale itself, there are several other costs that are involved when pricing out your total project costs. 

  • Delivery Cost
  • Concrete Foundation Cost
  • Crane Cost (or heavy equipment) to offload the scale onto the concrete foundation
  • Installation, test and commissioning/certification cost

When factoring all equipment costs and the other costs above, a total cost of truck scale project in today’s world may cost more than $100,000! Business owners must plan carefully and the number one rule in business is–watch your cash flow!

Did you know you can finance a truck scale purchase?

There are many benefits!

  • Turn Key – All costs are covered under the financing. Equipment, delivery, concrete, crane and installation--all covered!
  • Low monthly payments. Keep cash flow…flowing!
  • Let your scale pay for itself while it works. 
  • Tax advantages. Bonus Depreciation. Straight off the top.
  •  Ability to replace older equipment quicker. 
  •  Ability to buy more needed equipment with a low monthly payment. 
  •  Keep your cash in the bank for rainy days. 
  •  Quick approvals (usually one day). Simple documents, unlike banking.

If you’d like to discuss the specifics of scale financing, simply email us and we will get you in touch with a finance professional! 

Give us a call to start the process. 978-2-SCALES. Truck Scale Gurus

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